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Business Action

As trusted voices in their local communities, businesses also have an important role in improving understanding of COVID-19 among their employees, customers and stakeholders. The guides and media resources in this section help businesses spread knowledge – not the disease. Businesses must also adapt to the new social and economic circumstances the pandemic is creating. Here you can find resources for businesses to understand, prepare for and respond to the unprecedented disruption.

ICC also encourages businesses to donate to the WHO’s COVID-19 Solidary Response Fund.



This practical guide helps MSMEs un.derstand cyber security threats in the context of the COVID 19 pandemic and sets out easy steps for action to increase resilience. >> Download


Can force majeure clauses be invoked due to COVID-19? >> Download


Practical steps for business to fight COVID-19

Adopting good practices early will help protect employees, customers and local communities—and ultimately make businesses more resilient during this difficult period. >> Download

wto-getting workplace ready.jpg

Getting your workplace ready for COVID-19

WHO and public health authorities around the world are taking action to contain the COVID-19 outbreak. All sections of our society must play a role if we are to stop the spread of this disease. >> Download

covid-narratives-no longer business as u

COVID-19 – No longer business as usual

By Dr David Nabarro, WHO Special Envoy on COVID-19 and ICC Advisor.
>> Download


This practical reference guide outlines ad hoc practices being implemented by financial institutions in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. >> Download

Guidance paper on the impact of COVID-19

What impact does COVID-19 have on trade finance transactions issued subject to ICC Rules? >> Download


Coronavirus Guidelines for business

ICC encourages all businesses to take appropriate actions to get ahead of the outbreak. >> Download


Trading thoughts on COVID-19 with ICC Secretary General

ICC Secretary General John W.H. Denton AO talks about the organisation’s response to COVID-19. >> Download


COVID-19: Business Is a Player, Not a Spectator

By Dr David Nabarro, WHO Special Envoy on COVID-19 and ICC Advisor.
>> Download


What measures can business leaders take to better protect employees, their children and their families? >> Download


A high-level, practical guide for businesses based around four ICC key principles: Plan, Adapt, Monitor and Assess (PAMA).
>> Download

guidance on preparing workplace for covi

Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19

This guidance contains recommendations as well as descriptions of mandatory safety and health standards. >> Download


COVID - 19 Solidarity Responses

Unleash local capacity Activate networks Coordinate efforts Use WHO guidance. 
>> Download

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